• Conquered Pain and Side Effects

  • Good for my patients. Good for me as a doctor.

    Some of my patients asked me about Medical Cannabis and the Navigator Genomics Test. I checked out their web site---very helpful, and I took the test myself. These in-depth test reports help me prescribe safer and more effective medications that won't interfere with Medical Cannabis... (Their reports saves me time, too!) I found it helpful to learn about many of the drug-inhibitors, too. Thank you NGT. Dr. Diane S, California

  • How your test worked for me

    What an easy test to take at home! With my doctor's help, he changed the doses of 2 prescriptions I had been taking for several months (and they were causing me to feel nauseous and anxious). I feel healthier since I am now taking doses that are in-line with my genes and my side effects have disappeared. **Margaret P**

  • If I must take drugs I don't want to take too many

    I felt I was taking too many prescriptions! They're supposed to help me--- SO--- why did I get headaches and feel so crummy? Glad I took your simple saliva test! Got my results back in a week. Extremely satisfied because my doctor was able to stop 2 prescriptions and change doses on 2 other medications whose side effects really made me miserable! Even my doctor was impressed! Well worth the price to feel better! **Grant C.**

  • Bye-bye side effects

    Took my Navigator results report to my doctor. He easily read my report and said: "Okay, makes sense". He gave me a new prescription. This time the medicine worked like a charm with NO side effects. I am truly grateful for what you've done for my life. -- **Chad P**

  • Helped my budtender understand Me!

    I was tired of Pain! I took my Navigator MMJ report to my medical cannabis dispensary. It was very easy for us to match the key cannabinoids that would best for me. I saved lots of time and money because I learned I needed more CBD because it was passing through my body too fast. Found out I don't need nearly as much THC (which costs more) since my report indicated I needed less. I'm telling all my friends to get your test now! -- **Joy G**

  • Needed to help my entire family

    I ordered tests for my whole family! My daughter had taken large doses of Anxiety Rx meds for a long time. She still felt nervous all the time and did not sleep well. With her doctor's help she was able to reduce doses and work in some Medical Cannabis for sleep as well. My doctor was able to lower doses my own pain prescriptions which has been a godsend! My husband used his test results for the right meds to better control his cholesterol. Thank You For Helping My Entire Family! -- **Marcelle R, Raving Colorado fan**

  • Tired of Pain


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