Autism Test with Medical Cannabis Report

AUTISM is a "Qualifying Condition" in most states & countries.

Autism is categorized as a Behavioral Condition now affecting 1 in 42 children. Those with an ASD Diagnosis unfortunately experience many comorbid conditions (concurrrent), most of which often include clinical treatments that recommend prescription drugs (Rx). Many are "polypharmacy" which means they take 4+ or more medications.

Be aware that the combinations of Rx's taken with each other and /or with Medical Cannabinoids can create Drug Interactions incluidng loss of eficacy (effectiveness), unwanted or harmful side effects and even Adverse Reactions (toxicity).

Navigator Genomics is pleased to now offer the Combined: OnlyYou®Autism Test with the Navigator Medical Cannabis Test! (click on "Order Test" for choices on NGT)

For much more information about Autism, please visit our partner company OnlyYOU® AUTISM



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