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Medical Cannabinoids & Full Rx Report

$ 299 $ 269 / USD

  • Full Report includes Medical Cannabis and 128 Brand Name Rx Prescription Medications & 288 Generic Medications

  • Prevent Unwanted Side Effects by learning your Genomic Variations

  • Avoid Trial & Error for Medical Cannabis and Rx Medications

  • Avoid Drug-to-Drug INTERACATIONS that can cause unwanted results & Adverse Reactions

  • Save Time & Money by Knowing What Works Best for You
  • Reports on your genetic responses to Cannabinoids AND 416 Rx Medications

Rx-ONLY Report

$ 299 $ 269 / USD

  • Learn how You react to each of the 128 Brand-name and 288 Generics of the most prescribed Prescriptions (Rx)

  • Prevent Unwanted Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

  • Save Time & Money by taking the best medications; Avoid Adverse Reactions

  • Evidenced-based Information for your Prescribers to take action

  • Shows DRUG-to-DRUG INTERACTIONS that can cause You many problems
  • Reports on 416 of the most popularly prescribed Rx medications

AUTISM BEHAVIORAL TEST (designed specifically for those with an Autism Diagnosis)

$ 299 $ 269 / USD

  • Includes full Medical Cannabis Report! Results Repor and Helps you avoid harmful MMJ-to Drug-to-Drug Interactions & unwanted Side Effects

  • Highlights 20 of the most prescribed Behavioral Medications used to treat symptoms of Autism

  • Includes a total of 416 Medications. Many are used to treat Comorbid Medical Issues that are prevalent with AUTISM

  • Reduce Ineffective Medications & Side Effects

  • Your Results Highlight Potentially Harmful Medications Based on your Personal DNA Gene Variants
  • Reports Potential Drug-to-Drug Interactions & Inhibitors