• Strain

    “Strains” are used to identify different kinds of cannabis flower. It’s primarily a marketing/sales approach which attempts to use distinctively creative names to distinguish themselves. Strain names run into the 1,000s; with no naming or classication standardizations names are simply invented by the original grower and/or retailer.

    Cannabis is undergoing a rapid change to acceptance. The cannabinoid ratios and percentages are important. Many cannabis researchers and medical professionals are trying to develop a more uniform testing, naming and quality control identification systems.

    Sativa types of cannabis were originally grown in the Western world on an industrial scale for fiber, oil, and animal feedstuff. They are characterized by tall growth with few, widely spaced, branches and long, thin leaves. Plants of the Indica type originated in South Asia and were known historically as Indian hemp. They are characterized by shorter bushy plants and broader leaves, typically maturing relatively fast.

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