• FAAH (Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase)

    FAAH -is important enzyme which possesses the ability to hydrolyze (“breaks down by water”) a range of fatty acid amides including Anandamide. This serves as a messenger molecule playing a role in pain, depression, appetite, memory and etc., and serves as the endogenous ligand for cannabinoid receptors.

    FAAH has is often referred to as the “feel-good gene” due to its ability to affect our mood and overall happiness. Changes in FAAH have been scientifically linked to alterations in the way people react to cannabis exposure. Specifically, people who have two copies of the C allele experience an increase in happiness after exposure and more severe withdrawal symptoms when they are abstinent, compared to people carrying either one or two copies of the A allele. It is believed that people with the C/C genotype may be at greater risk of becoming dependent on cannabis.

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