CBG Cannabigerol – Normally, CBG appears as a relatively low concentration intermediate in the plant, but recent breeding work has yielded cannabis chemo-types lacking in downstream enzymes that express 100% of their phytocannabinoid content as CBG. Note: These effects may become addictive when combined with THC. [CBGA is another cannabinoid found in tiny amounts in mature cannabis plants. CBGA converts to CBG with exposure to air and light.]

    CBG Known Medical properties:

    • Analgesic: relieves pain;
    • Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation;
    • Antibacterial: kills or slows growth of bacteria;
    • Antifungal: treats fungal infection;
    • Antiproliferative; may inhibit tumor/cancer cell growth;
    • Bone stimulant: promotes bone growth

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