• Cannabinoids

    There are 9 major Cannabinoids that are well studied and known to provide Medical Benefits. Navigator Genomics has listed these here to help you and your dispensary and healthcare professionals utilize specific cannabinoids for specific medical condtions.... your Chronic Medical or Behavioral conditions are the basis of why you may use MMJ.

    The vast majority of cannabis' 100+ individual cannabinoids have not yet had enough evidenced-based conclusive research for scientific verifications. Research has demonstrated many of the therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids shown below as beneficial for certain uses addressing various ailments, symptoms and conditions.


    Navigator Genomics will add more Cannabinoids when more evidenced-based peer-reviewed and published scientific proof becomes available. For your knowledge, we also include two important enzymes: CB1 and FAAH.


    Please use the LEARN MORE buttons to link to more 3rd party in-depth information, videos, etc.

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