How do I interpret my results?

All NGT test results are colored-coded, easy-to-read results that show the: specific genes tested, the medications we test for, warnings, dose recommendations, drug-to-drug interactions, inhibitors & inducers, and potential adverse reactions and other information we provide to help you concerning Prescription (Rx) drugs and Medical Cannabis (MMJ).

Your personal Medical Cannabis MMJ Full Report, includes your genetic results, which predict your body’s ability to most effectively metabolize cannabinoids found in medical cannabis, AND includes 128 of the most popularly prescribed prescriptions, with an addtional 288 brand-name generic versions of these Rx’s.(=Total of 416 prescription drugs!) Warnings, potential prescription drug (Rx) inhibitors and reactions are included in your comprehensive medical cannabis report.

Results should not be interpreted without involving your healthcare practitioners. Your results provide the unique personalized information to help your healthcare practitioners create best evidence-based precision Rx medicine treatment plans specifically for you!

Physicians and other healthcare professionals are trained to understand drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions that are based on your test results. They are the only ones who may make prescribing recommendations for you. All decision-making authority remains with your prescribing providers.

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