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Autism Test

If I order the Autism Test, do I also receive the Navigator Medical Cannabis Test?

YES, you will receive both of the Results Reports! The full Autism Top 20 Behavioral Medications along with the prescription meds used to treat the prevalent comorbid medical & behavioral conditions (416 total Rx's), and your order will include the NGT Medical Cannabis Test Report. ($299 Total)

How much does the Autism test cost?

$299 USD and your order includes the full NGT Medical Cannabis test report together with the Autism Top 20 (covers 416 medications)


Cannabinoids and Rx Medicines

What is Medical Cannabis ?

Medical Cannabis are products manufactured to provide you with medical benefits. Medical cannabis primarily includes pills, oils, and edibles that include numerous combinations of cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, CBN) which are best known for providing potential medical benefits. Medical cannabis is primarily “pallative”, meaning it helps reduce pain, reduces or enhances appetite, inflammation, etc. and many unwanted side effects.

Medical Cannabis is cuurently legal in 29 states and several different countries. In the USA, the majority of the population now live in states where some form of medical cannabis has been legalized for specific medical conditions.

There are 9 Cannabinoids with well-documented potential medical benefits and more are being researched and reviewed. Please visit NGT’s in-depth Glossaries to learn much more.

What if I have questions about how medical cannabis can work on health problems?

By law, we do not provide any medical advice. Visit our Medical Cannabis Science section for more information. Talk with your healthcare practitioners about your questions or concerns.

How many cannabinoids does NGT report on?

NGT pharmacogenomically reports on your personal responses to the top 3 cannabinoids with the most proven peer-reviewed published studies and known to provide the most medical benefits. We also provide you with in-depth information for 9 key cannabinoids with known major medical properties. As more evidenced-based reaearch becomes available, NGT will include reports for more cannabinoids. Please visit our Glossaries and Test Report sections for more information.

How many Rx prescription drugs does NGT report on?

NGT test results include 128 of the popularly prescribed medications that are taken by the most amount of people, and we Include an additional 288 Brand-name generic versions of these Rx medications. (Total of 416 medications!)

How do I know whether there are any positive or negative interactions between Medical Cannabis and Prescription Drugs?

NGT tests indicate inhibitors and inducers for both Rx prescription drugs and Medical Cannabinoids which can enhance, delay, or prevent the efficacy of the prescription and/or medical cannabinoids. We report on evidenced-based Drug-to-Drug interactions for each medication and for the cannabinoids we report on.

Can you tell me what medical cannabis strains, dosage or delivery systems will work best for me?

No- Unfortunately the evidence-based science & research needed for Medcial Cannabis has not yet been created. Navigator Genomics™ is neither a prescriber or recommender of any drug, brand, treatment plan, or delivery system. Using FDA guidelines and the law, we are not allowed to provide this type of advice, nor make those specific recommendations. NGT must by law remain totally "Agnostic" when reporting your test results. All medical information on this web site is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.



How can I contact your company -- Navigator Genomics™Testing? See our Contact section for more information


General Questions

Can my Doctor order NGT tests for me?

Yes, any Doctor can order tests for you. Be aware that if your doctor orders your test, the doctor will be the one who receives your test results report. The doctor will share the results with you. You will need to pay (reimburse) your doctor for your test since these test are generally not eligible for healthcare insurance reimbursements.

Can I purchase just the medical cannabis portion of the test?

Sorry, No. The benefits of the Navigator Genomics™ tests are maximized by receiving Both your medical cannabis and pharmaceuticals results that are best utilized together for your overall health. You need to know your personalized genomic results information to learn how drug-to-drug interactions, drug inhibitors & inducers work can all work best to help you and your healthcare professionals select the personalized medications geared specifically for you.

Does your test tell anyone whether I'm taking any drugs of any kind?

NO. We do not ask about any drugs you are taking. Benefits of Navigator Genomics™ tests are maximized by simultaneously reporting your medical cannabis and pharmaceutical genomic results that can be best utilized for the selections of your medications.

We protect all information about you by operating under the strictest HIPAA guidelines.

Can I order tests for my family?

YES and that is a great idea! You can order a NGT test for anyone in your family, friends, or associates. Due to HIPAA regulations, each individual can review their own test and will have their own account identity. However, each person is allowed to share their test results with anyone of their choice such as healthcare specialists, budtenders, friends and other family members, co-workers, etc.

We cover 27 different medical conditions. We offer 2 choices of NGT tests for those seeking results: (1) FULL MMJ Report covering the primary cannabinoids found in medical cannabis, along with the top- selling 416 prescription pharmaceuticals; or (2) RX-ONLY Report covering the top 416 Rx’s for those not interested in utilizing medcial Cannabis.

Does healthcare insurance cover or reimburse for my test ?

Unfortunately NO. Navigator Genomics™ has chosen to sell Direct-to-You, asking for your physician’s approval, to keep your costs as low as possible. Insurance does not reimburse PGx testing for average consumer testing.

In the vast majority of tests, if insurance reimbursed labs for the tests, your co-pay, money out-of-pocket costs, and requirements would be higher than what we charge for any NGT test!



How is a PGx test different from a blood test?

Very different. Blood tests are not used to test your genomic reactions for medications.

NGT Pharmacogenomic Testing uses a simple and safe cheek swab to collect a small sample of your saliva. Since your genes never change, you need to test only once in your lifetime. Most pharmaceuticals are metabolized by CYP genes found in your liver.

What's the difference between Genes and Variants, and why does that matter?

A ‘Gene” is a segment of your DNA. “Variants”(Alelles) occur when there is a difference between people in the DNA sequence at a specific locations within a gene. While individuals have similar characteristics, they are rarely identical, the difference between them are called Variations (Alelles). Genetic variation results in different forms, or alleles, of genes. Variants impact the capacity utilization, speed and personal response to drugs by each individual.

What does "Pharmacogenomics" mean?

“Pharma” comes from “pharmacy” (drugs) and “Genomics” means testing many genes and variations. Pharmacogenomic tests assess an individual’s genetic variants, which are associated with how each person metabolizes and responds to different medications. “PGx” is the abbreviation for Pharmacogenomic testing.

Who recognizes the science & effectiveness of pharmacogenomic tests ?

CDC (Centers for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), FDA (Federal Drug Administration), Mayo Clinic, AMA (American Medical Association) and most other leading healthcare institutions.



How safe is my personal account and information?

We do not share or sell your email, personally identified data, or billing information to anyone. We do not ask for, obtain or retain any information about your medical history or the medications you take. Your test results are securely encrypted and privately accessible via your personal account password-protected portal. Navigator Genomics follows all HIPPA guidelines and security protocols.

Please visit our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

How private is my personal NGT test results report?

We take your security and confidentiality seriously. Your Navigator Genomics™ health and personal data is secured by sophisticated security encryption and follows rigid HIPAA, CLIA and CAP compliance regulations.

Please review our Terms of Service and visit our Privacy Policy pages.


Test Questions

How often do I need a PGx test?

Once in your life because your genes never change.
ONE and DONE! (Genes may mutate and cause illnesses such as cancer and chronic conditions; however your gene’s metabolistic and mechanisms of actions that react to medications very rarely change).

How do I pay for my NGT tests?

You pay for the tests when you complete your order. Payment by Major Credit Cards Only. (no debit cards allowed, and no bank withdrawals). Note: Navigator Genomics™ has a strict NO REFUND policy. All Tests are $299 USD.

Must I obtain my physician's approval to order my test?

We ask for your physician’s approval during your order process, and this is recommended. However, if you do not list a doctor for approval, you simply order and pay for your test directly through on our website.

**Note: **When you order your Navigator Genomics™ test we will ask you to select your physician of choice to approve the test. We will contact whomever you select for their approval. Please share your test results with your specified health care professional and ask them to make your report part of your Electronic Medical Records and your personal health information.

If my physician has questions, whom do they contact?

Physicians are encouraged to contact us directly:

I have questions, where do I ask them?

First, review our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This section is full of helpful information for you!Next you should read our very comprehensive Glossaries that conver an incredible aamount of content, inlcuiding thrid party links.

You can also Contact us directly:

What will my personal NGT Rx- ONLY Report tell me?

Your Personalized NGT Reports shows how your unique genetics metabolize the most prescribed 128 Rx drugs listing an additional 288 Brand-name generic Rx drugs, so you and your physician can effectively select the most appropriate prescriptions that can work best for you based on your personal genomics.

Your comprehensive NGT personal Results Report includes information about drug inhibitors, inducers, warnings, potential adverse reactions, and other information for appropriate clinical treatment. This information will lead your physicians to providing you with personalized treatments and medicines.

What will my personal NGT "FULL MMJ Report" tell me?

Same as above, PLUS a report on your personal gene metabolisms of the 3 most well known cannabinoids (THC,CBD, and CBN) found in medical cannabis. NGT also reports information on all 9 of the key cannabiniods most proven to provide medical benefits: • CBC • CBD • CBDa • CBDv • CBG • CBN • THC • THCa • THCv Included: You will receive easy-to-understand with color-coded navigation and highly-detailed information about potential drug-to-drug interactions,dosing guidelines and warnings, including a total of 416 prescription medications.

Will I ever need to re-test?

No. Your genes never change, so your tests are good for your lifetime!

Who should I share this information with?

Once you receive your NGT Test Results in your protected account portal, your Results Reports can be shared by you with your healthcare professionals, specialists and legal medical cannabis dispensary personnel…. anyone you so choose. Be sure & ask them to make your results part of your Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s).

You also have the ability to share it with your trusted family and friends.

How much do your tests cost?

All NGT tests are $299 USD total. **Medical Cannabis FULL MMJ Report** or the **Rx-Only Report**(which is recommended if you do not use medical cannabis).

  If you order the Autism Test, or any other specific chronic conditions test, it will be combined with the NGT Medical Cannabis Test for the grand total price of $299 USD.

How can I buy Navigator Genomics™ tests?

Our tests can only be purchased here on this Navigator Genomics™ website.


Test Results

How do I interpret my results?

All NGT test results are colored-coded, easy-to-read results that show the: specific genes tested, the medications we test for, warnings, dose recommendations, drug-to-drug interactions, inhibitors & inducers, and potential adverse reactions and other information we provide to help you concerning Prescription (Rx) drugs and Medical Cannabis (MMJ).

Your personal Medical Cannabis MMJ Full Report, includes your genetic results, which predict your body’s ability to most effectively metabolize cannabinoids found in medical cannabis, AND includes 128 of the most popularly prescribed prescriptions, with an addtional 288 brand-name generic versions of these Rx’s.(=Total of 416 prescription drugs!) Warnings, potential prescription drug (Rx) inhibitors and reactions are included in your comprehensive medical cannabis report.

Results should not be interpreted without involving your healthcare practitioners. Your results provide the unique personalized information to help your healthcare practitioners create best evidence-based precision Rx medicine treatment plans specifically for you!

Physicians and other healthcare professionals are trained to understand drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions that are based on your test results. They are the only ones who may make prescribing recommendations for you. All decision-making authority remains with your prescribing providers.


Your Orders

How do I get my test results?

You will receive an personalized encrypted email when your NGT results are posted to your secure personal account portal. Log in your password -protected secure personal account to view, print, download, or share your Navigator Test Reports.

Ask your physician for your personal NGT Result Reports to be placed and stored in your personal health records and EHR’s for future reference.

Once I've sent back my testing kit, how soon before I get my results?

The average time for your results is one business week from the time your test kit is received back from you in our lab.

How soon before I get my test kit after I've ordered and paid for the test?

Expect to receive your genomic saliva swab test kit in 2 business days via FedEx. You never pay any shipping costs with Navigator Genomics™.

How do I send back my test kit back to your lab?

Just place your completed test kit in the pre-paid, pre-addressed FedEx shipping envelope and drop it off at any FedEx pickup location. You never pay for any shipping costs.