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“The FDA estimates that PGx pharmacogenomic testing will save the healthcare industry $136+ Billion annually.”

There were 2.2 million adverse drug effects in 2016 (ADR’s, also known as “Adverse Drug Reactions”) annually cause 700,000 deaths. This has a higher cost than all cardiovascular and diabetic costs combined.” FACTS:

  • Only 58% of patients receive relief from pain medications
  • 30% of pain patients have a genetic opioid metabolic defect
  • 50% of patients with depression do not respond to the first medication prescribed for their treatment
  • 30% discontinue treatment due to intolerable ADR’s (Adverse Drug Reactions)
  • 70% who receive medications for depression are non-adherent – with ADR’s being the most common reason
  • 700,000 patients are treated in Emergency Rooms as a result of ADR’s
  • 9.7% of ADR’s cause permanent damage to patients
  • $47 Billion in annual hospitalization costs related to ADR’s
  • $76.6 Billion annual cost of drug therapy morbidity or mortality

SOURCE: US Institutes of Medicine and Journal of American Medical Association