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Evidenced-based "Pharmacogenomics" (PGx) is the combination of "Pharmacology" (science of drugs) and "Genomics" (the study of genes) provides information about how your genetic profile affects your personal responses to medications


PROBLEM: Every person on earth is genetically different. You may respond to prescription medications (Rx) and Medical Cannabis (MMJ) differently than everyone else due to your gene's variants!

FACT: Although Medical Cannabis is "well tolerated" when taken by itself, your Prescription Drugs can NEGATIVELY INTERACT WITH YOUR CANNABIS AND CAUSE YOU UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS AND PROBLEMS.

SOLUTION: Navigator Genomics™ is first in the healthcare lab industry to test your personal genetic responses to key cannabinoids used in medical cannabis.

NGT simultaneously reports on your personal genetic responses for 128 of the most popularly prescribed Brand Name prescription drugs(Rx), and an additional 288 Generic medications... a total of 416 medications!

NEW! AUTISM-Rx test now available! Just click on Get Your Test button to learn more!

(*Autism Rx test includes MMJ test results!)



Your Genes Control Your Responses to Medication

Your Genes Control Your Responses to Medication

Medications affect each person differently: We test your gene variants & report predictions of how you personally respond to Rx prescription drugs and to Medical Cannabis. (MMJ)

 Easy & Fast Testing at Home

Easy & Fast Testing at Home

Spend 1 minute swabbing the inside of both cheeks. Send your swabs back to us. Receive your results in about a week.

Stop Guessing. <br/> START KNOWING!

Stop Guessing.

Your report results will guide you and your healthcare professionals to utilize the best medications and avoid medications that can Inhibit the metabolism of other medications, including Medical Cannabis (MMJ)


GAIN: Benefits of Navigator Genomics Report Results

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  • Actionable evidenced-based information for both Medical Cannabis (MMJ) (pills, oils and edibles--no smoked cannabis) and Rx prescription medications
  • Avoid "Trial and Error"
  • Reports on your potential drug-to-drug interactions
  • Personalized cannabinoid response information
  • Save $ money on Rx costs, co-pays & unnecessary doctor visits
  • Find right medications that can work best for you
  • Avoid unwanted side effects
  • Avoid dangerous adverse reactions
  • Avoid medications that simply will not work (genetically) for you
  • Avoid medications that can inhibit other medications
  • Receive “personalized medicine” vs. “one-size-fits-all medicine”

Our Lab

Navigator Genomics tests performed in our CLIA-certified CAP-accredited clinical laboratory meet or exceed highest quality standards ensuring accurate & reliable results.

We won't Ask you anything private or confidential

We never ask you anything about any medicines you take or share your personal information.

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